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Andrea's career includes marketing and customer service, which led her to her current focus on business development.  A gifted photographer, creative, and dedicated yogi, Andrea applies her signature spark of energy to every project she engages in. 

Want to know more about Andrea?  Read on!

1. Yoga - if you have met Andrea you know she loves yoga and lives yoga...and invites everyone she knows into her "Happy Yoga Bubble" with enthusiasm.
2. Business Development - Andrea loves meeting new people and connecting people together who may have not met otherwise.  This is a perfect fit for her role as business development for the engineering firm she works for.
3. Animals - Andrea is very passionate about animal welfare.  She wants everyone to have a pet and love it unconditionally like she does with her own two pit bulls.
4. Vegan - Andrea is vegan!  She read a book called The China Study years ago and it felt like she was reading her family health records.  She challenged herself to go "milk-free" for thirty days (she used to drink 2 gallons of milk a week!).  She completed that challenge and hasn't looked back.  She has put together a 30-Day email program all about plant-based food options, lifestyle, and sustainability.  Check it out!
5. Books - Andrea loves to read and she keeps everyone updated on the recent books she has read on her Instagram account.
6. Deals - Andrea loves a good deal.  End of description or she will go on and on about how to save a buck. 
7. Continuing Education - Andrea is a life long learner and is always educating herself on something new (typically in the yoga/health/wellness arena).
8. Mentor Protégé - Andrea has been involved in the mentor/protégé program through SMPS Dallas and thoroughly enjoys it.  If anyone has a business question her first response is typically, "Do you have a mentor?"
9. Nature - Andrea loves to be outside.  In particular she loved to be outside hiking with her husband and two dogs. 
10. Traveling - Andrea loves to travel.  She and her husband are planning vacations based on states they have not been to...all thanks to a Pinterest project she saw several years ago.

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